Abbey McTaggart

About Me

I'm a UX designer located in Madison, WI.

UX designers make technology simple and intuitive for humans to use. It's really fun!

I work at UW Credit Union, where we unite a community-driven mission and world class technology to serve the financial well-being of over 250,000 members.


Before coming up with any solutions, I use research to first uncover what users need. Then I test ideas and solutions throughout the project to see how users respond.

I conduct interviews and usability tests, then use my findings to engage everyone involved in the project so we can all learn together.


UX design is more than moving buttons around on the screen. I think deeply about a project's goals, then compare many patterns or ideas to create intuitive and impactful workflows.

I think creatively about solutions that will work well on all sizes of screens. I distill complex information into clear and simple language. And I partner closely with clients and stakeholders as we bring ideas to life.


Entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed when trying to create a digital presence for their small business.

I can help you navigate design with color palettes, style and logos that represent your vision.


I'm a UX engineer with experienced knowledge of front end development. I bring my creative ideas to life in ways that prioritize accessibility for the many ways people use the web and the variety of devices they use.

I build custom small websites with individuality. My tools of choice are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the static site builder Eleventy.