Abbey McTaggart

About Me

I'm a UX engineer located in Madison, WI.

UX engineering is the intersection of UX design and frontend development. I am a former UX designer who loves all things UX, HTML, CSS and design systems.

I work remotely for ClickUp, a fast-growing startup on a mission to make the world more productive.


I use my excellent communication skills to bridge the gap between UX designers and developers. I help both sides understand each other better so we can build awesome things.

I am the primary coordinator of a component library, managing communications about the design system and authoring design system documentation.

UX Design

In my role as a UX engineer, I help improve the quality of UX designs by bringing in additional context related to code and accessibility.

Before designs are implemented, I can spot design issues relating to color contrast standards, keyboard and screen reader accessibility, HTML markup, and more.


I manage global color palettes, using CSS variables in a multi-tiered system to enable easy global re-theming for dark mode, high contrast mode, and more.

By uniting all app-wide colors under a common system, the UI is more consistent and adaptable, freeing other engineers to think less about the details of appying colors.

Front End

I'm have deep skils in HTML, CSS, and accessibility, with additional experience with TypeScript, Angular, Storybook and static site generators.

I learn fast and love growing my skillset to improve the overall user experience. And I love sharing HTML, CSS and accessibility knowledge with others.